Personal Training at Flex-ability
Personal Training at Flex-ability

The Exclusive              Private Gym


Sunday morning wake up!

Rid the body of all the weekly stress

Burn loads of calories

Tone up

Work out with friends or family

Keep your health on track 

Stave off the aging process

Look and feel better


Personal training

All the training done here is tailored to your requirements:

One to one with your choice of trainer

If you prefer to train with someone else then that's okay!

Pairs or group training have many benefits and is promoted here.

Private Parties

The private gym is the perfect place for hosting a party.

Children's parties start from age seven.

Adult groups where an activity is on the agenda

numbers up to 12

Basic Health and Fitness Test

Knowing your current health status is very important. If there is a problem the sooner you address it the better.

Our basic test will take 30 mins and involves:

blood pressure

pulse rate

small step test

flexibility test

body fat analysis


     Gift Certificates

Purchase a number of personal training sessions as a birthday or Christmas present.

Buying a block of sessions does have a beneficial affect as  commitment and continuity are important to make sustained improvements to anyone's health.

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